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- halle dimension: 6500 m2
- zwei Brückenkran gesamtkapazität 100 tonnen





New acquisition for 3D measurement is the measuring arms of Romer Absolute Arm. Measuring arms allow us to measure our products, we process with CNC processing machines. The measuring range is up to 2500mm, dot reproducibility is 0.038mm, which allows better accuracy in the measurement. With the acquisition of the measuring arms we want to win time and greater accuracy in the manufacture of products.


Definitely the acquisition of the great sense of importance in the treatment of the major and the more sophisticated stucco in our company.



We build a new one

Production and business hall 1

Aufgrund der steigenden Nachfrage und dem zunehmenden Interesse an unseren Produkten haben wir beschlossen, unsere Arbeitsräume zu erweitern. Mit dem Bau wurde im August 2014 begonnen, kurz nachdem wir das alte Gebäude abgerissen haben, das die gewünschten und erforderlichen Arbeitsbedingungen nicht mehr bot. Die neue Produktionshalle ermöglicht neue Werkstattflächen, die vor allem für die Montage von Produkten mit größeren Abmessungen bestimmt sind. Der Nebenraum ist für die Weiterverarbeitung dieser Produkte bestimmt.



By extending and connecting desktops, we expect more coherence, as well as greater efficiency of our activity and, consequently, better quality of our products. In addition to the new product premises, we were also able to expand and set up our office building, which will now house our administration. We can already use the new production hall equipped with LED lights, especially as we placed two 20-tonne cranes in it, with which we can lift up to 40 tons of heavy loads - the clear height of the cranes is 10 meters.

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