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KOVIT projekti - laying a foundation stone for a new production building

- dimension: 6500 m2
- two overhead crane with total capacity of 100 tons





Our new acquisition for 3D measurements is measuring hand Romer Absulute Arm. Measuring hand enables us precise measuring of our CNC treated products. Max. measuring area which can be achived is up to diameter 2500 mm, point repeatabillity is 0,038 mm and this gives us even greater precision with 3D measurements. With this measuring hand we will decrease our production time and increase precision and quality.

This measuring hand means an important progress in mechanical treatement of larger and more complex products in our company.

We have built brand new business – production facility! 

building a new facility

Due to constant growth of interests and demands of our products, we decided to expand our work space. In August 2014 after demolition of the old building which was inadequate considering our space needs and required working conditions, we began with this new project.  This new facility will contain bigger work cells that will be used in particularly for montage of products with larger dimensions and if needed even as a spare room for other processes or treatments.


With extending and relating our facilities we want to improve efficiency and productivity of our employees and corresponding quality of our products.  

In addition to the new production hall, we have also increased our business premisesenabling even greater cooperation and management of the administration.

New production hall is already in use and gives place to two 20-ton elevators of 10 meters height and together enables us lifting up to 40 ton of material. Equipped with modern LED lighting is primarily used for experimental montage of finished products.

Our latest work:

latest work
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