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Manufacture and installation of various housings for ovens or other equipment for the production of aluminum

- Production of three furnaces for a costumer in China
- Manufacture and installation of two furnaces for Al manufacturer of sheet metal from Austria
- Production of several equipment and machinery

Creating different equipment for small hydro power plants

- Production of spiral turbine housings
- Manufacture of pressure and suction pipelines
- Mechanical locking flaps
- Manufacture of entry cones

Manufacture of drivers for hydroelectric power plants

- Pelton drivers of diameter up to 2000 mm
- Kaplan drivers - regulated or unregulated
- Francis drivers
- Treatment of different driver blades

Creating hardware for two hydroelectric power plants in Canada

- Penstock
- Driver casing with vanes
- Chaplain driver
- Suction pipeline
- Generator carrier

Design and manufacture of pressure vessels and tanks

- Design, manufacture and installation of two pressure vessels 250.000 l of volume
- Design and manufacture of pressure vessels for various hydropower plants in Slovenia
- Production of four pressure vessels ( 70.000 l ) for a client in Belgium
- Manufacture of under- and above-ground gas tanks
- Design and construction of four tanks for transformer oil ETRA Ljubljana
- Production of underground fuel tanks
- Design and manufacture of pressure vessels for transport of ash of Thermoelectric Power Plant Šoštanj

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